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They recommended me a lot to Dr. Jaime Lozada, they told me that he is one of the best dentists that I could go to and that he came to the city of Puebla. I was born with a cleft lip, so during my life I underwent several reconstructive surgeries but I lacked the last step, having permanent teeth to talk and eat normally. Orthodontics helped me close spaces and with the implants, they planned the placement of a fixed bridge in the frontal area of ​​my upper arch. Since then it was in 2009 to date I feel very happy, I only go to cleanings and revisions.

My experience before meeting Dr. Jaime Lozada was very bad because he had treated me with a Dr. X who implanted me and now I think I had no experience. The result was that I lost a lot of bone due to the serious infection caused by these implants. Without any hope of being the person I was, I arrived in 2000 with Dr. Jaime Lozada and he gave me back the confidence and security that I had lost. Dr. Lozada grafted me bone before placing dental implants and since then I am very grateful because I feel a complete person, ready to continue my work life as a doctor that I am and to follow my personal life with my family.

My dental health, I never really care for cleanliness and then I suffered from a periodontal disease that did not help me keep my teeth in my mouth. Over the years I was losing most of them. I went to consult with Dr. Jaime Lozada and he proposed the extraction of the few loose teeth I had to place only five implants in each maxilla. The surgery was planned under sedation and when they finished I left the clinic with all the teeth fixed to the implants. I left with an Immediate Smile! That for me is worth gold because I had very important commitments and my security increased to 100%.


I had a motorcycle accident and I lost some teeth in the front area so it was imminent that I needed my age of dental implants to replace the absent ones. That's how they recommended me to Dr. Jaime Lozada and in the same surgery I grafted a bit of bone and placed the implants. The best of all is that I did not feel pain at any time and I left with an Immediate Smile because provisional teeth were placed on the implants. Today that memory of the accident did not cause any trauma because my face and my mouth were the same as before the accident. Thank you, Dr. Lozada.